BenBen Frey-

Ben Frey began his culinary career at Seattle’s Pike Place Market.  While cooking at the market’s best restaurant he began to wonder where the tremendous bounty of wonderful produce and meats came from.  Increasingly unsatisfied by the answers he found behind the stove Ben started to seek his answers elsewhere, eventually landing him at the butcher’s block of Don and Joe’s Meats.  Working under the guidance of Seattle’s most experienced meat cutters, he found his passion behind the counter working on the block.  After Seattle, Ben moved to Brooklyn, NY and began working the block at Marlow and Daughters butcher shop.  While developing relationships with the farmers upstate he began to fall in love with their scenic pastures and quite life, one that didn’t involve the horns, sirens, and trains of city living.  Ben, his partner in crime Miriam, and their two dogs now live Monkton, MD while he runs the butcher’s block at John Brown General and Butchery.

RobertRobert Voss-

Robert Voss was born and raised on a farm in Monkton, MD.  As the son of a cattle farmer, local agriculture has always been an integral part of his life.  He grew up growing vegetables and walking the fields, constantly tasting everything in his grasp.  From onion grass to wild berries, cowpeas to honey suckle, the natural flavors around him left the vast spectrum of food constantly on his mind.  After college at the University of the South, food and flavor continued to challenge his mind, leading him to New York City to train and become a chef.  Spending stints in some of Manhattan’s best restaurants, Robert landed at Marlow and Son’s in Brooklyn where he would meet his future partner Ben.  After years in the city, Robert had grown tired of the hustle and bustle of city life and returned home to give his talents back to the place and people who inspired him.  It has become his only goal to translate his passion and knowledge to the community, looking to raise the bar each and every day and give the community the food and products it deserves.

Robinson Miller (Beverage Director)-

Robinson Miller is a Baltimore native and has spent most of his life and career here.  During his summer breaks from college, at High Point University, he began working as a stock guy at The Wine Source in Hamden. It was there that his enjoyment of spirits and wine became a full-blown obsession. After college, he stayed at the Wine Source and began working full time as the Spirits Specialist. During his 5-year tenure there, Robinson began to seek knowledge wherever he could, by tasting, reading books, looking at maps, and taking classes.  His love for the spirits world has lead him down every path from tasting and mixing beverages to understanding their historical and cultural context.  From early prohibition cocktails to modern “bastardized” scotches, Robinson seeks to leave no stone left unturned.  His respect for all aspects of his craft and constant search for knowledge to better it makes him a perfect fit for the John Brown General and Butchery team.  Robinson can’t wait to share his passion and knowledge with the community and the customers at JBGB.