Rabbit Sugo (Stew) – Recipe

Rabbit Sugo (stew)

Serves 4

1 Rabbit (deboned)

2quarts pork stock

1 lb carrots

1 Shallot

1 lb potatoes

1 pound peas (frozen)

1 cup red wine

3 bay leaves



Red wine vinegar

2 TBSP Flour

1 TBSP butter

In a deep pot season, sear and brown meat. Reserve loin meat. Removed meat from pan and deglaze with red wine. Reduce wine to at least half its original volume. Add meat and stock back to pot with bay leaves. In separate pan combine butter and flour to make blond roux. Whisk roux to combine with stew. Let simmer for 2 hours or until rabbit is almost fall apart tender. Add all the vegetables and cook until potatoes become tender. Sear and rest loin meat, slice and serve on top of stew. Taste and season as needed.

Rabbit Sugo John Brown General and Butchery


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