It turns out that alcoholic beverages can go awfully well with a nice cut of meat when paired appropriately! We offer a limited (and ever changing) selection of wine, beer, whiskey, and other alcohols that are all oriented to pair well with the meat cases. We have done our very best to weed out all of the tomfoolery in overstocked liquor stores to give you some fantastic options you may have never known existed.

Our wine selection is poised to get you a little out of your comfort zone and try some new, and delicious, products. From small, family owned wineries in Alsace to delicious whites from the Tokaj region of Hungary, we look to expand your knowledge of the fantastical world of wine.

Our liquor selection is also whittled down to only the essentials to make the perfect cocktail as well as a broader selection of whiskeys and cordials. As a few of us fancy ourselves whiskey aficionados, that is where you will find the broadest selection. From Irish Whisky to peaty Scotches to sweetly warming Bourbons, we do our best to find something with a great depth of flavor suited to your liking.

Did you know that there are over 2,800 breweries in the United States that produce an incredible amount of products, many of which are from right here in the Chesapeake region? While we will never even approach the vast variety of beers our local brew-masters are producing, we do our best to find some up-and-comers and help them showcase their products. Our beer selection changes very rapidly but we will always have a selection from Baltimore’s own Union Craft Brewery.