Does anyone else feel a bit sad that the phrase “Naturally Raised” needs to exist? Well we sure do and we want you to know that it’s a given with all the animals that come through our store. All of our animals are pasture raised, hormone free, and anti-biotic free. They live healthy lives the way nature intended. The ruminant animals (cows, lambs, etc.) are 100% grass fed because that is what they evolved to eat. Grass fed ruminants develop twice the amount of amino acids and have much less cholesterol and poly-saturated fats than grain fed animals. While the raising of animals, as well as the flavor they have, may be somewhat subjective, the science is not!

Our pork and poultry are also pasture raised, however their diets are slightly more varietal. Each animal is free to forage in their pasture and their diet is supplemented with all non-GMO feed to ensure a healthy and delicious product. Each farmer creates their own feed mix that is best suited for the specific breeds they are raising and to best supplement his or her pastures. The end product is one delicious, humanely raised, healthy piece of meat. All we ask is you come in and try some for yourself and we’re confident we will see you again.

Being strictly a whole animal butchery allows our butchers to fabricate any cut you dream up as well as make an assortment of sausages and charcuterie that is entirely made in house. With our wonderful selection of locally raised meats, our butchers do a fantastic job of producing a variety of in house charcuterie including, but certainly not limited to:

-Smoked Bacon

-Smoked Ham

-Country Paté


-Sausages (Chorizo, Hot Italian, Sweet Italian, Breakfast Sausage, and Bratwursts are almost always available in the case)

Due to the fact that we are a whole animal shop and all of our products are made in house, there is no guarantee that these products will always be in the case. We are, however, always trying to be creative so it is more likely than not that there will be more menu options than what is listed above. Come in and see us or give us a call to find out what’s available that day!