We get our animals in whole every week allowing us to provide you with any and every cut, from the most obscure to the most traditional we do it all.  Receiving our animals whole not only allows us to offer you the cuts and products in our book, but also anything your imagination can dream up.  If it’s possible we’ll make your meat dreams come true.  In addition to our fresh cuts we offer a range of in house charcuterie and sausages that change depending on season and wherever our curiosity leads us.

In order to provide you with the best products available we are a part of every step of the process.  We work with our farmers in the field, talk with the processors at the abattoir, and take only the greatest care once the animals are in our shop.  Working together from start to finish creates communication from the farmer all the way to the customer, raising the bar every day in search of the perfect product.  We welcome your feedback and ask you to help us continue to make our food and agricultural community be the best it can be.